Shayan Corporation

Silica Gel Cloth Bags

Silica Gel Cloth Bags (White or Blue Indicator Type) provided by us are ideal for international standard packaging. Our Silica Gel Cloth Bags safeguards the object inside them from fungus, corrosion, and many negative effects of humidity and moisture. We offer Silica Gel Cloth Bags with prints that read "Drying Agent" and "DO NOT SWALLOW". We also provide Prints as per the specifications provided by the clients.

Sachets Available :
  • l/2 gm up to 10 gms are packed 1000 Bags in airtight polybags
  • Pouches of 10 gm onwards are packed in airtight containers

Ideal for Packaging :
  • Electrical Items
  • Leather Goods
  • Engineering Items
  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Garments